Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cam's debut on Google Maps!

In early December last year I was sitting at my desk when my wife Kaya said "That's funny, a car with a Google sticker and a weird contraption on the roof just drove past". Being a news man and a geek I tore out the door and chased the car down the street and around a few corners and found it doing laps of our neighbourhood, its first outing in Australia. The guy was kind enough to stop after I had done a few pics and I did a few detail pics of the interior of the car. (I posted this on my blog at the time -

It has been well reported in the past week that Google has now released this street view detail in Australia ( and I didn't think twice until a colleague remembered my pics of the Google car that were published locally and in metropolitan newspapers throughout the country. He called me up and asked for the address where it was shot. Sure enough - there I am! Not only in one place but two separate places!

Regatta Cres, Douglas, QLD 4814, Australia - Google Maps

Regatta Cres, Douglas, QLD 4814, Australia - Google Maps-2

Regatta Cres, Douglas, QLD 4814, Australia - Google Maps

See the pics in Google Maps at the links below,+Douglas,+QLD+4814,+Australia&sll=-19.312733,146.756744&sspn=0.005265,0.011201&layer=c&ie=UTF8&ll=-19.314971,146.756715&spn=0.001316,0.0028&z=19&cbll=-19.315365,146.756482&panoid=Z_GXyaFjCwQhcxtGsUn7fQ&cbp=1,349.69474496472924,,0,10.895498463218464