Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Great coffee and Great software, what a combo!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my mate’s coffee roasting business before, but it’s really starting to pick up steam (so to speak). A bit of a plug here: Roast and Post ( is an Australian company selling single origin and blended coffees. I’ve tasted them and they’re delicious, but what sets them apart is the fact they roast their coffee within 24 hours of shipping, so you know the coffee you’re getting is the freshest possible. I’m sure you’re like me and you’ve tasted some bad coffees, often the reason is how long it’s been sitting on the shelf. Give it a burl, he’s got a money back guarantee, and tell him Cameron sent you (he may give you a bonus).
Anyway, my mate told me he’s going to be upgrading the site, and putting in a whole new shopping cart. He’s like a lot of start up companies, without a lot of money for marketing, but he think’s he’s on a winner with this new shopping cart software called StoreSuite. It’s being developed by Interspire, who also put out SendStudio, which is an e-mailing software that helps you keep your customer database in order. One of the nice things he pointed out is they’re building in Australian conditions right from the start so with shipping

you’re already covered.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted about how it works out.