Monday, December 03, 2007

Google Maps zip through suburban Townsville, Australia

I was sitting at my desk about 1/2 hour ago when a hatchback with Google Maps signage and a contraption on the roof zipped past. Never one to miss a story on my doorstep I chased him down the road and around the corner and photographed the car for my newspaper clients. Had a quick chat to the friendly driver and had a peek at his gadgetry inside the car. Basically it consisted of a midi tower PC in the trunk with a GPS processing unit, a Dell LCD monitor in the front screwed to a plank of wood, a GPS receiver and a pole with 5 cameras sticking up on the roof from the centre of a roofrack.

Whilst I have seen Google Maps of my local area it is nice to see that it is being updated and that "Streetview" is going to be included soon! I thought only "big" streets like 5th Ave, NY and Rodeo Drive made it into "Streetview". Too cool!