Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Photographs of 2007 as chosen by news websites

News gathering websites around the world have posted their popular annual "Photos of the Year".  I'll make it super easy for you to find them - click the links below

MSNBC - 2007 Year in Pictures

International Herald Tribune - 2007 In Pictures - (Interesting blog post at the IHT readers blog)

AOL - People's Choice - Editor's Choice

Time - Year in Images

Reuters - Pictures of the Year 2007

Sports Illustrated - 2007 Year in Pictures

USA TODAY - 2007: The Year in Pictures

National Geographic - Best Wildlife Photos

The New York Times - 2007: The Year in Pictures

The Washington Post's - Best of Post 2007

Los Angeles Times - Best of 2007: Photography

Source - www.robgalbraith.com


Anonymous said...

Check out www.ihtreaders.blogspot.com about the IHT's Year in Pictures