Thursday, May 03, 2007

Joost invite giveaway!

Let's just see how many nerds out there with a fairly quick broadband connection read this blog! :-) I have a fair few invites to Joost available soon so if you are keen, add a comment to this post with your first name, surname and email address. Don't stress, you won't get spammed by me at all, I will just add your details to my Joost invite list. Oh - and if you don't know what Joost is then you better get along to - it is destined to be massive and is a look into the future of broadcast television.

Cheers! (and here is a screen grab of a Joost window)


Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron !

Can I please have an invite to try out Joost?


Thanks a lot !

Anonymous said...

Hi cameron !!!
Can I have an invitation to try out joost too ?
I seems a great service !!

Best regards


Anonymous said...

Hi blog page...I'd like to try Joost , if u have any invites left TIA Gary

Marek said...

Hi! Frankly speaking, I found your blog just while sniffing for a Joost invite, but your photos are actually pretty good. Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron, If you have any invitations left, I would love to try out Joost! Thanks, Michael

Anonymous said...

No point asking for an invite without putting your name or email address.... Read the instructions and I will send you an invite.. Cheers! :-)

Anonymous said...

Invation pls THANKS!

dominic said...

Hi, if you give any joost invites i'd really like having one, thanks


Anonymous said...

please send me a joost invitation


schwarz said...

Hi Cameron!

Can you give me an invitation to try Joost? Thx a lot.

fekete86 (at) gmail (dot) com


LH said...

Matthew Donald

Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron,
I'm afraid I came on the site via a Joost Google, but I'm glad I did. I'm an Olympus E-1/E-300/OM-1,2,4,10,20,30,40,IS-1,2,3 etc user, still doing a bit of photography. But I wouldn't mind a Joost invite if you have one.
I lived in Cairns 1974-7 (but only had an Olympus Pen D3 -- more than enough, actually).

Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron,
I really need an invite and was hoping that you could help me out. Thanks,