Friday, July 11, 2008

The World's worst iPhone plan

Well, Telstra has done it again! Congratulations to Telstra for winning the competition for "The World's Worst iPhone Plans"!

Here are the plan prices - as a guide, my current $79 plan with Telstra gives you $550.00 of calls and I pay $29 for a data pack that gives me 80Mb of data for the month.

Now for $80 I get $70 worth of calls and $10 of data which equates to 10Mb.

So, 10Mb is ridiculous eh? Well you can opt for a data pack as per the below plans

So, if anyone can find a worse deal than this I would love to know about it. (This reminds me why I sold my damn Telstra TLS and TLSCA shares!)


HuGo said...

Yea i've seen a worse plans...Vodafone NZ

Cameron Laird | Freelance Photographer said...

Well, for starters...

Telstra's $29 data pack gets you 80MB of data and extra MB's are $1
Vodafone NZ's $29.95 data pack gets you 200MB of data and extra MB's are $0.50

Vodafone NZ's $80 plan gets you 120mins of calls, 600 txt messages and 250MB of data.
Telstra's $80 plan gets you $70 worth of calls AND txt and 10MB of data.

600 txt messages alone one Telstra is $132.00, we pay a $0.27 flagfall on EVERY call we make and THEN $0.52 per minute.

Give me your NZ plan any day!