Friday, November 30, 2007

Canon Australia's great service!

I recently changed from Nikon over to Canon at what seemed the perfect time for me.  The aussie dollar was strong which meant the prices were great and the products were just what the doctor ordered.  I originally changed from Canon to Nikon back in early 2000 and took delivery of one of the first D1's into the country.  I worked my way through D1H, D1X, D2H, D2X with an F5 thrown into the mix.  They served me well over the past seven years however Canon's stranglehold on low light performance and focus speed and accuracy eventually got the better of me and I took the plunge.

Blow me down recently when I had a call out of the blue from Rick Slowgrove at Canon Australia advising me of a fix that needed to be done to the EOS1DMkIII and guaranteeing a 24hr turnaround time and offering a loan camera if required.  The fix is pretty widely known around the web (Canon Aust info at however full credit to Rick and the Canon guys for their personal attention to this fix.

Great work!