Friday, November 30, 2007

What happened to the Dell 12" notebook?

Explain this to me Dell?  I bought one of your XPS m1210 notebooks recently and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  I am hooked on the 12" form factor - it is very transportable, has plenty of grunt and a great screen, all the things a photographer who is on the road a lot needs.  So, recently while interstate on a job a journalist eyed off my notebook and instantly fell in love with it.  He decided then and there he had to have one and so went to the Dell site and .................. discontinued.  But not replaced with another 12" but now a 13.3".  Apple have done a similar disservice to their 12" Macbook Pro fans except they have dropped the small form factor totally and just left 15" and 17" sizes.

Dell and Apple - do you realise that now there really isn't a decent 12" notebook on the market?