Sunday, March 29, 2009

Check out these toads!

Cane toads have been a major environmental menace in Northern Australia for decades and to get locals involved in their eradication the Townsville City Council have offered prizes and trophies for categories such as heaviest toad and the heaviest haul. Trained officials will then identify and humanely euthanase the toads using carbon dioxide gas. The pests will be frozen for use by James Cook University's biology program, or made into souvenirs by a local taxidermist.

I went down to take a look this morning as there is always interest in pics of big toads!

Glenn Cullen with his 556g monster "Bigfoot"


Victor Augusteo said...

wow, thats a really big toad! i havent seen anything like it near melbourne.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron

We were there the day you took the photos, you took a couple of my Daughter with a toad and our new puppy. Any chance of being able to get a copy of this photo, cheers.


Cameron Laird | Freelance Photographer said...

Most definately, send me a quick email (including your daughter's name) and I will send you a pic.. Easy!