Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm stuck with redirecting a subdomain to Blogger :-(

UPDATE: PROBLEM SOLVED - I was doing everything right - I think it was a delay in DNS updates.

Hi guys, hoping someone can help me out with some advice!
Currently if you head to my blog from (give it a try, click the link) you will end up at with as the url in the address bar.
I have added a cname record in my GoDaddy domain manager pointing the subdomain 'blog' to

(click here to see fullsize)

Next I go into Blogger settings / publishing and adjust my settings as per the pic below

(click here to see fullsize)

Now when I go to I end up with this page below

(click here to see fullsize)

If I go to it bounces back and forth until it ends up at the same page shown above. Dammit!

Would love if someone could figure this out for me or knew of an easy answer!