Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nikon D2H giveaway closing tonight!

UPDATE - Congratulations to @desherinka, winner of the Nikon D2H body - Can only be 1 winner, thanks guys for your entries and twitter follows!

UPDATE II: Congratulations to Gonzalo Villegas (@desherinka) from La Paz, Bolivia who won the camera, it is now on the long haul to South America!

Closing at 23:59 AEST (13:59 UTC) tonight (31 March 2009) is my D2H giveaway
And, unlike a TWiP/Scott Bourne giveaway, I am happy to send the camera to any corner of the earth! I won't pretend it is the 'lawyers' who say it is restricted to my country only, I am happy to pay the postage whether you live in the street next to me or on a mountain-top in Nepal. Follow the instructions at this link and I will announce the winners tomorrow. (and no, it won't be an April Fool's joke!)


fescar said...

If I'll be the winner I will pay the postage whether you live. Hoping that you didn't live on a montain-top in Nepal! :-)
Thanks anyway for your opportunities.

yaboo said...

If I win I will recieve a few extra lenses that will work in autofocus on that camera.

Guess I did everything to increase my chances, fingers crossed.

marz said...

Thanks for the opportunity to enter! I enjoyed reviewing your site and blog. If it makes it easier, *I* will pay the postage to the US/Florida if I'm the winner! :-)

desherinka said...

The Dh2 is coming to Bolivia, South America!!!!! Thank you Cam!! I will enjoy this camera!